Enhancing Security with Walmart’s Wmlink/2step Verification

In the realm of digital security, Walmart has taken a significant step forward with its wmlink/2step verification process. This system fortifies the link between personal information and the rightful owner, ensuring a secure login experience on WalmartOne accounts.

The Essence of Wmlink/2step

Wmlink/2step is a robust security protocol designed to prevent unauthorized access to WalmartOne accounts. It involves two layers of authentication: the usual login credentials (username and password) and a one-time 6-digit verification code, enhancing the account’s security manifold.

The Need for Wmlink/2step

This extra layer of security is vital for all WalmartOne account holders. It utilizes the user’s phone number or email address to send a unique 6-digit code each time they log in, protecting the account from hackers and spam bots.

Setting Up Wmlink/2step

  1. Initial Enrollment: Visit the official wmlink/2step website here.
  2. Sign-In: Log in with your Asda PC user ID and password. If your name doesn’t appear at the top of the page, log out and log in again.
  3. Verification Method Selection: Choose to receive the 6-digit code via text, voice call, email, or app.

Login and Other Details

To log into OneAsda, enter your Asda PC user ID and password, then the 6-digit code. Note that different contact details are required for each account’s 2-Step Verification setup. If you have multiple accounts, you’ll need to remove contact details from the first account to set up verification for the second.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • 2-Step Verification Not Working: Ensure you’re using the correct verification method. Remove old credentials if needed. Server issues are rare but possible.
  • Forgotten Password: Reset your password via the link provided after clicking ‘forgot password’ on the login page.

Contacting Walmart One Team

  • For US-based associates: 479-273-4357
  • For Home Office associates: 479-273-8866
  • International associates: Contact your in-country help desk.


  • When to Use: Two-step verification is needed when logging into Walmart One from any personal device.
  • Smartphone Requirement: Not necessary; can use a landline or cellphone.
  • Using Yubikey/Google Authenticator: You still need to complete the two-step verification.
  • Official Enrollment Website: wmlink/2step

Walmart’s wmlink/2step is a crucial advancement in securing digital identities and information, ensuring that only the rightful owner accesses the WalmartOne account.

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