Ultimate Beneficial Owner | Why it is important to Verify UBOs

When a business establishes an external relationship with individuals it is important to conduct proper investigation. Ultimate beneficial owners remain anonymous in the organization and hide their identity. UBOs are the true person who controls the business and can make the company’s decision at the end of the day. In most cases, Ultimate beneficial owner look towards shell or corporate companies to hide their suspicious activities like money laundering, terrorism financing, and remain anonymous. To prevent these individuals, it is important to verify all of them before making a relationship with them. Let’s explore what UBOs are and why their identification is important for business.

What is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner?

The ultimate Beneficial owner is a true person who controls the company. Every organization has its ownership structure in which they conduct its business operations. There are one or more beneficial owners in the organization who can take part in business decisions and have the right to conduct financial transactions. 

The ultimate Beneficial owner should have to follow the official criteria to become a part of the ownership of the company. It means individuals have a share above 25% in the business. They should have voting rights and can make business decisions by the end of the day. UBOs can conduct financial transactions in the organization according to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

What is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner Verification?

Nowadays most of the beneficial owners are anonymous and hard to know about them. When an individual wants to be the ultimate owner of the organization, their verification is crucial to determine whether they are authentic or involved in criminal activities like money laundering and terrorism financing. In this cortex, a proper UBO verification process is conducted. This required the individual’s identity verification by collecting their official documents like identity card, residency, license, and other relevant documents.

What is the Significance of Verify Ultimate Beneficial Owners?

The Ultimate Beneficial owners who are involved in any suspicious activities are looking towards the associate businesses to conceal their banned activities behind these shell companies. If negative or illegal people engage in business, especially in financial transactions, it can ruin the overall reputation and success of the organization. That’s why it is crucial to identify and implement the UBO verification procedure properly. Here are the top reasons why it is significant to verify the ultimate beneficial owners:

  • Fraudsters are making attempts to control the business through false methods of transferring money. UBO identification traces the record of fraud and risk alerts in the business world and helps to determine suspicious activities.
  • It helps in identifying whether the information provided is fake or insufficient and allows the business to associate only with legal and authentic entities.
  • UBO verification keeps an eye on the financial transactions and payment methods within the organization that are not traced by banks.
  • It identifies the criminals and report them to the official authorities to add them to sanction or PEP lists that lead to protect the other business as well.

Challenges in UBO Identification

UBO identification is a complex task to perform. The challenges that can be faced in this verification process are the following:

  • Mismatching and dissimilarities in data.
  • There is no proper technology or methodology to collect the data from stored databases for verification.
  • Complicate ownership structure.
  • Manual documentation without proper time management.
  • Inspection of collecting correct data of criminal or suspicious profiles.

In a Nutshell

UBOs are the true persons who own the company directly or indirectly and can conduct financial transactions. To stop business fraudulently, corporate crimes, and illegal activities which include money laundering and terrorism financing, etc, it is crucial to verify the ultimate beneficial owners. This leads the firm to make transparent and secure transactions avoiding high risks and suspicious activities. So, if a company is working in finance, it is required to perform the UBO checks as a subordinate of the AML rule.

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